NCLEX Mastery has helped so many users who are repeat test-takers or have been out of school for a prolonged period of time. Life happens, and you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you reach your goal. The nursing profession needs YOU!

Here is one user’s story:

I took my exam on Friday March 8th, computer shut off at 75 questions and was issued my RN license number late last night. Yay! My advice to all the people that are going to take the NCLEX… literally DO NOT WORRY about it.

I graduated in December 2015 and waited over three years to take my test! And let me tell ya, I was not studying the whole three years. I had babies instead 😂.

The only reason I even decided to take the exam was because my ATT was going to expire this month and I really didn’t want to lose $200! 😂 I applied for it and then found out I was pregnant again. (Hey, that’s life for ya!) so on December after I just had my third baby (she was born on Nov. 18)… I decided I should just schedule a date and go take it even if I never get the chance to really study for the exam.

Well fast forward to last Tuesday (March 5), I received an email reminding me that I had my exam coming up on Friday (March 😎 and here I was thinking I had an extra week to study (I thought I scheduled for the 16th and never double checked 😅!!) I couldn’t even thoroughly freak out when I found out because I had a toddler and an infant crying in my face.

So I turned on my NCLEX Mastery app when I finally got the chance late into tuesday night (that I purchased during my last semester of nursing school in 2015 😂) and hashed through the comprehensive quizzes and exams.

I managed to finally reach my goal of 100 questions per day.. that Wednesday and Thursday before my exam. 😂. During the month of February, I really tried to study but I only managed to get 20-40 questions every few days. And as for the past three years.. maybe a couple questions every few weeks to months.

My focus shifted to my kids and I had horrible pregnancies so that was life for the past three years.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

But I walked into that exam room Friday afternoon and I was not even nervous, no jitters, no butterflies, no dread. Nothing. It was bizarre, I felt nonchalant at that point. In my mind, I figured if pass, I pass. And if I don’t then I don’t right? It’s been over three years and I’ve not been keeping up with my studies so most likely I’m gonna fail. So let’s just get this thing over with.

But I sat down… and I went through each question… and I reread the question after I answered to make sure my answer made sense. I did that for every question.. and the computer shut off at 75 questions about an hour into the exam.

I walked out feeling weird… like it was tooo easy. Way too easy for me to pass?! On the NCLEX mastery app I was getting 50% wrong! On everything! But here I was thinking the NCLEX exam was too easy!!!

So here is what I learned about the actual NCLEX. They just really want to test your competency of being a nurse and making sure you don’t kill someone or knowing which patient needs care first!

My questions were mainly SATA, drag and drop and priority patient questions. Don’t worry too much on knowing your labs and facts and every little detail verbatim.

Just know the general concept and you will be ok! I didn’t study for it, didn’t immerse myself in anything nursing related for three years and still passed at 75 questions!

(It felt so much easier than any actual exams took in nursing school (BSN))

If I can do, you can definitely do it!!

This app definitely helped me to remember how to answer and read the exam questions, so I’m happy I used this app. I didn’t use anything else to study.

Try the NCLEX RN Mastery mini-simulation of the NCLEX or the NCLEX PN Mastery mini-simulation of the NCLEX.

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Posted by Catherine MSN RN

Catherine is a nursing subject matter expert at Higher Learning Technologies, the developers of awesome Nursing Mastery products. Catherine worked in oncology, pulmonary, progressive care, intensive care, med-surg, step-down, and hospice. Catherine teaches clinical, classroom, and simulation and has completed contracted writing with WGU, WK/LWW, ATI, Pearson, Kaplan Test Prep, Elsevier, Excelsior, and HTRSD. #BoyMomma #ICanStudyAnywhere #NursesRock


  1. Waow!!!!! I’m so grateful to have read this right now! . My nclex pn test is on Wed and graduated LVN school April 17 2017. Failed nclex twice and this will be my 3 time taking it. The first time I dint study and just went for it but I was so nervous because I knew I wasn’t prepared but my nerves took over and went to 205 the second time I couldn’t reschedule anymore and was in a bad time in my life and that day I went late they still let me test I was stuck in traffic I had no money for gas so I was stressed.
    So now I been studying more and getting use to answering questions but I keep getting 55% can’t get any higher idk why. Any advice???


    1. Catherine MSN RN April 6, 2019 at 2:17 pm

      55% is okay, but definitely room for improvement. Message us at and we will help you through this!


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