Challenges. We all have them.

When I was in nursing school, I had some serious challenges come up in my life that made me want to give up at times.

When I started my journey towards nursing school, I was a single mom.

I made it through my A & P classes, Microbiology, etc., running around to different babysitters and spent many late nights studying after it was finally quiet.

I met someone during this time who asked me to marry him a few weeks before my first nursing semester was scheduled to start. My nursing school was year-round, so there wasn’t a summer break to look forward to.

We got married — all planned around the one week that I would have off for spring break.

Plan a wedding and include three MORE children, bringing our blended family to a total of seven (yes, seven).

As school progressed, I noticed my abdomen had progressively become a little “fluffier.”

I was PREGNANT. Oh my goodness, this was not in the plan!

I continued on and we decided we needed a bigger home. We moved.

Holy stress!

Pregnant, moving, nursing school, clinicals… AHHHH!

During a study break at home, I decided to do some freehand painting in my daughter’s room. In an amazingly graceful fashion, I fell backwards and slammed my back into a wall.

I went to the hospital and was told I was having contractions. What??? This can’t be happening! I am only 32 weeks along! This was a disaster. I was worried about my baby and felt everything weighing down on me at once.

I was going to have to quit school. A fellow student told me to just take a few days and think. With medication, the doctors were able to stop my contractions. However, I was put on bed rest for the next four weeks.

The Biggest Challenge of All

I reached the last semester of school! My professors were incredibly supportive and taped all of the lectures for me and somehow I managed to get through it.

My son, Parker, was born on Friday, July 27th.  The next week, I went back to school to take my final exams.

The sense of emotion that came over me as I walked out of the school for the last time was unforgettable.

I had done this. It was over — I had made it!

I write this for one purpose: No matter how big or small the challenges may be in your life, you can and will get through it.
Keep your eyes on your goals and keep at it, even when it seems like everything is falling apart.

You’ve got this!

You are going to be an amazing nurse, and all of the challenges you endure are going to help shape you into that very special role!!

Daphne Neuhaus, RN

Featured image: Walt Stoneburner

Posted by Catherine MSN RN

Catherine is a nursing subject matter expert at Higher Learning Technologies, the developers of awesome Nursing Mastery products. Catherine worked in oncology, pulmonary, progressive care, intensive care, med-surg, step-down, and hospice. Catherine teaches clinical, classroom, and simulation and has completed contracted writing with WGU, WK/LWW, ATI, Pearson, Kaplan Test Prep, Elsevier, Excelsior, and HTRSD. #BoyMomma #ICanStudyAnywhere #NursesRock


  1. Thank you. I needed the reminder never give up and don’t doubt myself. I’m on my last class and will be completely done with LPN School, I’m getting nervous at the end. I appreciate your words and good luck in life as a Nurse.


    1. Catherine MSN RN February 3, 2018 at 3:14 pm

      Glad we could give you a boost across the finish line. You’ve got this!!!


  2. Thank you so much, that meant a lot to me.


    1. Catherine MSN RN February 3, 2018 at 5:16 pm

      We are so glad you found this helpful!


  3. I graduated Nursing when i was on my 20’s now that i am 34 i have so much doubts in my mind that i can’t make it ( passed the NCLEX exam) my progress months ago says 83 then everytime i answer questions it went down to 65


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