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Catherine is a nursing subject matter expert at Higher Learning Technologies, the producers of awesome Mastery products. #ICanStudyAnywhere . Catherine graduated nursing school in 2002 with a BSN (and again in 2010 with an MSN) from TTU, a university on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. She has worked in Nashville, TN in medical-oncology, hematology-oncology, pulmonary, progressive care, intensive care, medical-surgical, step-down, and hospice. #NursesRock . Catherine taught clinical, classroom, and simulation in ASN, BSN, and RN-BSN programs. #IsItMayYet . Huge fan of Alice in Wonderland quotes. #SixImpossibleThings . Spare time fillers include craft festivals, camping, and raising 5 boys. #BoyMomma . <<Never be afraid to do something new. Remember amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic. - Anonymous<<

Nurse Skills Matter

Why the Nursing Soft Skills Matter, Too. 

But I haven’t started my first IV yet! If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve only started an IV on a manikin and are wondering when you’ll get a chance “in real life”. The ability to start...

/ July 19, 2017